An early memory is that I see my Father in his workshop - a sculptor and wood engraver - reciting vast tracts of poetry as he carves scenes from mythology onto panels which covered entire walls. He’d be summoned by the king to supervise the design of his stone and wooden palaces on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

I hear my Mother reciting poetry as she practices the tar (an eastern guitar) preparing for her performances with the Tehran Orchestra.

Everyday mundane conversations were invariably laced with lines from the poets, both modern and antique.

And at school we were immersed in our literary heritage and had to memorize and recite huge tracts of poetry by heart. So, I was born into a world permeated by poetry, and reciting it was the norm.

However, when I wrote my first poem in the classical style at fifteen, I was promptly told off for wasting time that should be spent on earning a proper living. Despite the shock of this, I continued to write poems and secrete them away, in the hope that one day they might come to light, and be read.

The two collections of my poems Storms of the Heart and

The Shadowkeeper are available NOW!

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