Since my Father was the greatest influence in my life - by his presence till I was six and a half, an
d then mostly by his absence when he died -

everything I’ve done is a tribute to his overshadowing presence/absence.

He chose my name Tahereh after an earlier namesake who was the first Persian woman suffragette who in 1848 unveiled her face before a congregation of men and declared the dawn of women’s physical and spiritual emancipation. She was sentenced to death by strangulation for this act and declared to her executioners “You can destroy me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women.”

Her words have been the compass and rudder in

all my endeavours.

Particulars of the Driver

Name : Tahereh Zoghi

Place of birth : Tehran, Iran

Lived in : Iran | Cyprus| England

A favourite book: The Sorrows of Young


The Journey : After a convoluted trail

[and many dragons encountered en route]  I finally arrived in England on the first day of Spring, 21st March 1970, during which time...

  1. I obtained a BA Hons in English Lit. and European Cultural History from the Open University

  2. Meanwhile worked at Reading University as PA/senior secretary [Physics Dept]

  3. Was writing, writing, writing.........

  4. Completed a Creative Writing course and joined the Reading Writers in 1987

  5. A poem of mine called Time was published in their 2005 Anthology

  6. Two more poems The Sky Dark or Blue and The Scar have been published in their 2011 Anthology

  7. I continue to plunder my cross-cultural heritage in my writings: poetry, short stories, a memoir.... you could say my approach combines an ingrained philosophical strain with a modern twist.

My first collection of poems, Storms of the Heart, was published in 2013 by Silent Impressions. The second collection, The Shadowkeeper, came out in June 2015. Retellings of four classical Persian fairy tales, and my autobiography {involving ten years of extensive research - whew} are also nearing completion.

Here be Dragons

Some Favourite Lines...

People see things as they are

and wonder ‘Why’?

I dream of things as they never

were, and ask ‘Why not’?

George B Shaw


A Few Favourite Books

  1. 1.Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C G Jung

  2. 2.Dubliners by James Joyce

  3. 3.Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler

  4. 4.Everything by William Golding

  5. 5.Personal Values in the Modern World  by M

    C Jeffreys

  1. 6.Everything by George Orwell

  2. 7.Gorgias by Plato

  3. 8.Everything by Hafiz, Saa’di, and Omar Khayyam

Some Favourite Links

“If you want your Father’s inheritance

then acquire his knowledge,

Since these material possessions of his

can be spent in one day.”

The Rose Garden  Saa’di

Translation The Octagon Press Ltd


A Persian poet has compared

the Universe to an old

manuscript of which the first

and last pages have been lost.

It is no longer possible to say

how the book began, nor do we

know how it is likely to end.

A History of Philosphy, Eastern & Western

by Radhakrishnan


For sweetest things turn

sourest by their deeds:

Lilies that fester smell

far worse than weeds

Shakespeare Sonnet 94

Storms of the Heart is available HERE!     &    The Shadowkeeper is available HERE!